more kid envy

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yea whatever..... : (
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Bro... how many times I have to tell you?.... STAY AWAY FROM YOUTUBE...

I have to go pratice... and sob for another 3 days..

Anyway, damn kid has some skills. :D
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Why, o why, do you insist on tormenting me??? ARRGGGHHHH. I must now, again, bang my head off of the desk...fwap, fwap, fwap....

(Man, he's amazing. Nicely done)
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Did you notice all the pedal board gear behind him? His old man's a tap-dancer! :p
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my old man pushed a lotta pedals too...but he was a truck driver ....i was DEPRIVED!
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This kid inspired me to learn that song. Its coming, slowly but surely. I've never been much for finger picking, so this has been hell. I've actually got a giant blister on my thumb to show for it.

I can tell you one thing though, maybe not for a finger picker, but this song is hard as hell for me. Kid must have the patience of an old man to learn that at his age. Good for him. Hopefully he enjoys it.
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This kid is amazing. He's the same one that beat Guitar Hero II on the expert level. There's another video of him doing Stairway to Heaven.
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