Wheres everyone from?

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Looks like Ill be starting.

Im from Dublin, Ireland.
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Hey, I'm From Ontario Canada,

hows everyone doing out there.

*plays a quick riff*
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I am from Sparta, Greece

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Toronto, Ontario
... and that's all I have to say about that.

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First 23 years in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
Then 25 years in Ottawa, Ontario.
Moved to Calgary, Alberta last year. I'll probably stay here for another 25 years.
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Manchester, England
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Torrance, CA, USA all 18 years. Right now I'm in Thousand Oaks, CA at CLU. Anyone near me?

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Westmont, Illinois---------right ouitside Chicago
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M1R1L1 (well, you don't need that..)
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I'm from Lafayette Indiana (usa)
I might add what ever country or town your,
from you should be proud of your country or town.
I have no hate for any town or country in the world.
We are guitar players from all over the world,
so we should all be brothers.
Anyway thats the way i belive plus think .

P:S I think we should all stick togaher there's to,
much hate in the world..............


yours truly Mark Toman
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As im said on other topic im 17 years old, from Herzlia Israel
It is a small town somewhere on the shore, near Tel Aviv

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We, I mean "I" am a body that is controlled by both an elf and a goblin, who always fight with each other; the elf keeps doing good things, the goblin bad, but really the elf often does bad things, and the goblin good things too. They both run around causing mischief, while running a drug cartel from a cave under a bridge. So, to answer your question... They leave this body to sleep in Melbourne, Australia, while they get up to interplanetary highjinx, so I guess that is where "I" live.
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I live in a small little town in Iowa that hopefully none ofyou have ever heard of.
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Toronto. And it's pronounced Terono or just tee-oh.(T.O.) You can always tell when an America is describing Toronto. "...yeah, I was just up in ToronTOE"....
Sorry-- pet peeve of mine.;)
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He's being to polite by half! The locals call it TRAHna, and everyone else calls it HOGtown. LOLOL :D

BTW, I live in Calgary, pronounced CALgree, and called COWtown by just about everybody, including the locals.
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I'm from Carlsbad, Texas. I'd like to shout out to the guy who put something about all guitarists being brothers, and loving your origins. I totally agree with him. And i hope we all meet one day.

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this is only my 2nd post
im originally from montana
then went to north dakota
now im in california
hi everyone
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Another one from near Manchester, England
;) Reelin' in the years...
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im 16 from Indianapolis Indiana
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