Blues Musicians!!!

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Who's everyone's favorite bluesmen?? I have 3 favorites at the moment...

Joe Bonamassa
Eric Sardinas
Kenny Wayne Shepherd

If you haven't heard of any of htem.... I highly suggest you check them out!!!

Bonamassa is on tour right now too... I'm seeing him in Fort Wayne soon!! Can't wait.
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I went to see Buddy Guy a couple of weeks ago, he was great !!

74 and still touring !
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i would say

robert johnson
cant decide on another sorry
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#Albert King, cause he's so damn groovy

#Jeff Beck - very much underrated

#Hendrix, Clapton and the old crowd - a tad overrated, but still really cool

#Gary Moore - just amazing

#John Lee Hooker - too cool for school

I like Joe Bonamassa, Eric Sardinas and Kenny Wayne Shepherd as well; and Buddy Guy is the player who got me interested in the blues.
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Only one addition - jonny A.

I saw him a couple of months back supporting Joe Satriani... I like Eric Sardinas too - a good agressive take on the blues... and he's amazing live - plays slide with a bud bottle - beer flying everywhere....

Rock & Roll.... :cool:

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#1 BB King
#2 Buddy Guy
#3 Robert Johnson
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It kind of goes unspoken... but I noticed that his name hasn't been brought up yet so I figured someone HAD to put his name in this thread... It would be an outrage if someone didn't... So I'm going to say Stevie Ray Vaughan... I lef thim off my list earlier because he's pretty much a given as one of the best ever... He's my personal all time favorite... The other 3 I listed are some newer ones that I've come to like in the last 3 years or so...

I will also list...... I know some will cringe but I've seen him and his Trio live at the House of Blues in Chicago and he really can wail the blues.... But John Mayer... I love his approach to the blues... His covers of Axis Bold as Love, Wait Until Tomorrow, Lenny, and I Got A Woman are as soulful as the original recordings... but they still sound almost completely different.

His new album blends pop, jazz, and the blues together and it really sounds great.... I know most people can't get passed John Mayer - the pop icon.... But if you've heard his John Mayer Trio album or his new album... which features Axis Bold as Love and his own bluesy song "Gravity".... You should know what I'm talking about.
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Well my top 3 are kinda generic in that they're so mainstream and perhaps overplayed, but I can't deny their influence on me...

*Billy Gibbons-master of pinch harmonics, and classic riffs/progressions
*SRV-perfect balance of tone, skill, and soul
*Jimi Hendrix-Red House...nuff said

And yeah, I concur with John Mayer's blues abilities. One would never know from his pop radio stuff. I've seen BB King 2 times, and he was good, but I think his excellent backup band was nearly better than him...still a good showman though. And someone also mentioned Kenny Wayne Shepherd, who I saw when he was first making a name for himself (for free no less!). That was a good show, but I never got around to buying his cd's.

One somewhat obscure player worthy of mention is Austin legend...Joe Richardson
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