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09/29/2006 12:31 pm
Originally Posted by: SuperhumanHey man,
Is that the MG head you got or the amp? I have a 100DFX (amp) and I think it's great (not the 'best' amp in the world), excellent for playing lead but not that incredible for rhythm...

It's the mg50dfx combo. 1X12

Just wondering what it is about the amp you don't like?

Meh, it's not terrible. I do want a nice tube clean channell. Also, I find for leads, the overdrive is a little to ...I don't really know how to put screechy?

It has a very distinct Marshall tone and for the money I thought mine was a great buy.


What guitar and pickups are you using and what general kind of settings?

I'm using and OLP Petrucci with a humbucker from hell and a tone zone. I Have the bass and contour around 6, and the treble at 5. I usually use the FDD just for the volume boost, but prefer the sound without it.

It's not a terrible amp, but it's my only one, and since we're recording soon, I want a good one. I also can't use it for recording on account of that fan drone :( .

Also, would a tube amp (Valveking 112 50 watt) be louder? Togive you and Idea, we practise with the MG cranked. The overdrive is plenty loud, but I can hardly get enough clean volume.

Thanks for the insight bud.
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