Do i adjust the truss rod?

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okay so the action on my neck starts from about not even 2 mm aronud the nut and it rises to at least 5 or 6 mm i think the neck is pulled up a bit too far by the strings or something it seems to be the case with 2 of my guitars is it the truss rod and either way what do you suggest i do?
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You mean the strings get higher as they get closer to the bridge, right? In that case fiddling with the truss rod isn't gonna help much at all. The truss rod is for adjusting the neck relief, which is the arch or bow of the neck.

To get your strings closer to the high frets you'd wanna look at lowering the action at the bridge as your first port of call. It's possible that you'll have to play around with something else as well to get the action perfect, if lowering the strings at the bridge make's 'em buzz at the low frets. It might possibly involve raising the nut or shimming the neck--both of which are a pain. They're rarely necessary though.
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It depends... If your neck has too much relief... which may be the case, you'll want to straighten the neck up... This will pull the strings in closer to the neck... However, you do want a slight (very slight) bow in the neck from about the 7th fret to the nut. Sight the neck and see if it is bowing noticably....

If the neck isn't bowing noticably... then it is infact probably something that needs to be adjusted at the bridge...

Check the truss rod first... because it will be the easiest fix... if everything seems straight enough with the neck... then lower your bridge saddles. Check out for some guitar radius templates for adjusting string height... this will allow you to lower your saddles evenly while still keeping the countour of the neck radius. You'll have to intonate the guitar after either of these adjustments as well...
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You could try physically pushing the strings down with your finger close to the bridge - if the strings drop closer to the neck, it's probably bridge height adjustment.
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