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Led Zeppelin
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My favourite instrumental songs are

Rush - La Villa Strangiato
Allman Bros Band - Jessica
Led Zeppelin - White Summer/Black Mountain Side
Gary Moore - The Loner
Jimi Hendrix - Star Spangled Banner
Theme From The A-Team

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d.t - ac/dc
wipeout - surfaris
tequilla - wes montgomery
any john williams
the call of ktulu - metallica
miseralou - dick dale
(anything with well played guitar)
tubula bells - mike oldfield
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I'm partial to Hamburger Train by Primus, SRV's version of Little Wing, and Two Finger Todd vrs. the Army Ants by The Bocce Wagon.
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okay, first and foremost... Stevie Ray Vaughans cover of "Little Wing" still gives me goosebumps! ("Riviera Paradise" and "Lenny" are close seconds) Joe Satriani's "Always With You, Always With Me" shows that hammer-on/pull-offs CAN have soul, too! Now, as far as instrumentalists, I must say that one of my favorites is Phil Keaggy. His lyrics are peppered with cheesy christian themes (no offense) but his instrumental albums are very good. His earliest, "The Master & The Musician" blends classical, jazz and rock. I recommend "On The Fly" and "The Wind and The Wheat" for the more electrically inclined and "Acoustic Sketches" and "Beyond Nature" for some nice "unplugged" stuff. Clapton has some nice instrumental stuff on the soundtrack to the movie "RUSH"... especially "Tracks & Lines"...
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HI folks,
I wanted to add a few more to my list of great instrumentals/instrumentalists:
1. Ted Nugent "Hibernation" (from "Double Live Gonzo" includes his famous line about his guitar "blowing the balls off a charging rhino at 60 paces"...always the avid hunter!) after about 5 minutes of feedback the song rips into some sweet guitar work! give it another listen...
2. Robben Ford's "Life Song (One for Annie)" from debut "Robben Ford and The Blue Line"
3. Move over Satch, has any heard Blues Saraceno? His "Plaid" CD has some phenomenal guitar work beyond his age 18 or 19 years at the time!
we should also mention Kenny Wayne Shepard and Johnny Lang.

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Eric Johnson - Cliffs of Dover
- Zap
Joe Satriani - Summer Song
SRV - Little Wing
- Lenny
Eric Clapton - Signe (cool bossa nova song)

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Marooned - Pink Floyd, from The Division Bell

Surfing with the Alien - Satch

For the Love of God - Vai

SRV - Eric Johnson


Yes Eljison, I've heard Blues Saraceno. He did some technically impressive things on that album, but most of it was just mindless crap, with little melody and no musical value.
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one addition to my above list: "Nun Chaka Kata" by Buckethead, and yes SRV's Little Wing makes less and less sense to me every time I listen to it, truely AWESOME work.
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Hey Fendermonkey! Good call on the Eric Clapton "Signe" tune (I believe from the "Reptile" album). I saw him at the Arena in Manchester and he opened with it, playing a big fat ol' Gibson jazzer - what a sound!!
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I forgot to mention Vinnie Moore's "April Sky" which heavily borrows from J.S. Bach's "Air on a G String" and "Piano Concerto No. 5 (2nd movement)". His cover of the Beatles' "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" is nice, too. They are both on "Time Odyssey." Unfortunately, the production of the rhythm section is pretty weak throughout the CD.
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Led Zeppelin
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I forgot to mention Fleetwood Mac - Albatross and Oasis's ****in in the Bushes is good too
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Metallica - To live is to die (a fue words are spoken...but i think you could call it intrumental
- Vertigo

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Satriani - Friends,Tears in the rain,Cool n.9,Always with me always with you,Love thing ans so many others...
Jeff Beck - Brush with the blues
Steve Vai - For the love of God
Alice in Chains - Whale and wasp
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Little wing

These are just a few...
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Vai - Melissa's Garden
Sarch - The Forgotten Part II
Eric Johnson - Cliffs of Dover
Liquid Tension Experiment - Paradigm Shift
Vai - Windows to the Soul
Clapton - The Edge of Darkness
Vai - I Would Love To

Now there's some good listening
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Steve Vai- the entire Passion and Warfare Album
Eric Johnson- particularly Cliffs of Dover and Trademark
Frank Zappa- any song Vai played on
Joe Satriani- Most but particularly Day at the Beach, Ice 9, Satch Boogie, and Midnight
SRV- Little Wing
Metallica- The Call of Ktulu
So many more
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Orion - Metallica.
Planet Caravan - Black Sabbath.
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metallica - call of the ktulu
and the s+m version iz even beta! :)
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Planet Caravan isn't instrumental.

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My favorite instrumentals are:

Doyle Dykes: Birmingham Steele
All versions of Sleep Walk
The Ventures: Walk Don't Run
Junior Brown: Peelin' Taters (hehe that's a funny one)
SRV: Little Wing

Lots of others but i'm tired atm and cant think :)
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they are.....

1. la villa strangiato, and yyz (RUSH)
2. vista grande, on the pipe, tumeni notes, simple simon,
and highland wedding (STEVE MORSE)
3. the bells of lal part 2, love thing, echoes, power cosmic 2000 (JOE SATRIANI)
4. erotomania, hells kitchen (DREAM THEATER)
5. the dragon (NEAL SCHON)
6. the bash (DIXIE DREGS)
7. didacts and narpets (RUSH) *i know this is basically a studio drum solo that neal done on caress of steel, but if you havent heard it, "listen"

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