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03/14/2006 1:20 am
Originally Posted by: Blues_ManHmm...I have a several but this would be a good band!
I've always been a fan of the triple guitar attack approach.

Lead/rhythm guitar- Joe Satriani
Lead/rhythm guitar- Steve Vai
Lead/rhythm guitar- Slash
Bassist- John Paul Jones
Drums- John Bonham

Vocals- Ronnie Van Zant (skynyrd)
Vocals- Gregg Allman (allman bros. band)

That would be a kick ass band!

Steve Vai playing rhythm to somebody else's lead? I didn't think his ego would allow that!

Here's my dream jazz band:

Vocals/guitar: George Benson
Lead Guitar: Wes Montgomery
Trombone: James Morrison
Piano: Chick Corea
Sax: Ornette Coleman
Bass: John Patitucci
Drums: Billy Cobham

And here's my dream metal band:

Vocals: Geoff Tate
Guitar 1: Dave Mustaine
Guitar 2: Chris deGarmo
Guitar 3: Adrian Smith
Bass Guitar: Paul Romanko from Shadows Fall
Drums: Chris Adler from Lamb of God
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