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Jolly McJollyson
Chick Magnet
Joined: 09/07/03
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Jolly McJollyson
Chick Magnet
Joined: 09/07/03
Posts: 5,457
01/28/2006 10:29 pm
I'm a fan of all the dudes at GT (and the chicks), but I'm probably a biggest fan of these folks:

Akira- hilarious

CW14- sure, he spams a bit, but it's not advertising. It's just funny as hell.

Silent Music- Irishman

Pony_One- Quentin Tarantino with an affinity for birds

Doc Simon- No longer wants to pop me like a zit!

LATS- For some reason digs some of my lyrics, not to mention is a gear master.

Rask- pwned.

Leedogg and PRSplaya- figured I'd put them together, they put me first in their video!

Magicninja- for the coolest name ever.

Cryptic Excretions- You really should change your name.

Oh how could I forget
Eggman- big fan of the Egg (e-bow, regular violin bow)

Iiholly- Hey, anybody who likes my songs is cool with me.

Squirrelmaster5- Has never posted, but it's my other guitarist's username

Alucard093275982375- whatever the numbers are.

If I forgot anyone, sorry, I'll add you if you really want. Unless I'm not a big fan of you. Then I won't add you.
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