Any New Years Resolution for 2006?

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Hello guys, since its the start of a new year, I just would like to know if you have any resolutions to make this comming year such as goals or bad habbits to break etc.

Mine is only simple, and that is to sleep early and avoid watching too much TV as well as controlling my " computer addiction" :D
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well to really improve alot in my guitar...and to pull through my first year in university
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I gave up on New Year resolutions about three years ago...I'd make them and within three days (if I was really lucky!) not only were they broken, but whatever I was trying to give up had gotten worse!

The only thing I'm tempted to try this year, and its not so much a resolution as a necessity, is to try and get my fitness back up. Too many late nights drinking beer, smoking endless amounts of cigerettes and eating junk have started to take its toll, and I figure its best to try and do something about it sooner rather than later!
But, I think that decision has simply coincided with the New Year, rather than been brought on by it...
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:D I wanna hit 1000 posts by the end of the month. That's at least considered a goal.
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mine's to stop my... addictions
Originally Posted by: schmangeugly fat chicks
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I've decided that it's time to change jobs.
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Not really resolutions, but my goals over the next few months are:

1. Finish up my demos.

2. Buy this:

3. Get the Hell out of Vermont.
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Originally Posted by: Raskolnikov

I know next to nothing about bikes but *drool*....
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whoah... sweet bike....

anyways. i gave up resolutions years ago cuz i always forget them by the end of the month. :rolleyes:
JK :cool:

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this is my first year doing a resolution.
Originally Posted by: schmangeugly fat chicks
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learn loads more guitar, get good grades in exams and spend less time on the computer
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For me its.... to cut the shredding crap and control my speed and stuff..... getting more deeper into theory....!!!! :)
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I hope to be at least halfway decent at the guitar... that and to have at least one stable band up and running.
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although i live in the hometown of lynyrd skynyrd, i still cant find any people who are interested in making music..
Originally Posted by: schmangeugly fat chicks
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my new years resolution was to get my ibanez whammy bar back from an old band mate that i neeeeever see anymore and its really irritating me. yea.
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Punch this guy in the face whos bean pissing me off for two years. Man, i have such nice intentions....
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-Complete my band's lineup and start doing gigs
-Get a demo out
-Ace all my subjects at school

Looks like I'm gonna be flat out :o
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mine was to be more pro-active, but then i realised i cant be bothered...
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I'm gonna do my solo gigs THIS YEAR.
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But I'm gonna do the gigs.
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Mine was the famous "Gotta quit smoking"

I'm still smoking............
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