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I was wonderin, does anyone else name their guitars? I have a beautiful aged fender crimson strat named "Eleanore" after the mustang gt in gone in sixty seconds. :rolleyes: I love that car.....
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nah. but i call my customized Stratocaster the Tristacaster, since my name is Tristan.
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sometimes. this one here is "vitamin C".

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I name all my guitars...My first acoustic is named Allie(after a friend of mine when I started playing) my other guitars are JIF(like the peanut butter), Lucifer and Pyro. I have a blue guitar yet to be named. Theres something a little more personal when naming ur guitar. It's like u become attached to it and u love it like a real person or something. I don't know...maybe I'm just weird. :D
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I name all my guitars "Guitar". That way there's no confusion.
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[font=trebuchet ms]I named my first SBG1000 Brand X because it's the axe all the others get compared to. When I got a second, identical SBG1000, I called it The Stocker because I hadn't made any modifications to it. Then I stuffed in a DiMarzio Tone Zone and a PAF Pro, and modded the switches, so now I call it [font=copperplate gothic bold]The Stalker[/font], just because.

I don't have names for the others, except for the model designation from the builder. I refer to my Odyssey Custom V as the V, for instance.[/font]
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i have a black mexican strat, and i end up calling it either:

A: Me Fendario
B: Strati

lol, but dont we all love are guitars more than our family?lol
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i think naming your guitar is important.

my acoustic is named "Cole Lindsey" cuz i bring my guitar to my swim meets and...well Cole and Lindsey wanted me to name my guitar after them.

my SG is named "Carmalita" cuz thats just a cool name and it goes with it well.
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nah, I just call my Martin, well my Martin of course and the same goes for my Jackson. I've thought about naming them but never have.
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