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08/17/2005 2:57 pm
I'm bored at work... so I'm going to write out some lyrics...


welcome to the canvas,
said the black to the white,
they help me paint this,
my beautiful life,
dull and colorless,
there's nothing left,
the paint's running away,
and i'm standing here,
at the end of my days,

have you ever tried,
to paint a big blue sky,
with nothing but black and white,
the colors escape me,
the black and white's not changing.
and it all washes away,
everything's turned to grey...
i'm on my knees in my reality

welcome to the canvas,
said the white to black,
they help me change this,
into something more than i am,
my intentions,
coming clear,
leaving me...
alone with my fear.
and as i look away
i hear you say...

(this might be a bridge or a breakdown part with a gradual build up to the end???)
if you look too hard,
you'll find the colors hidden in me,
if you go too far,
you might slip into my reality,
i've held it in,
only after all this can i see...
i can see.
what it really means...
to be color blind.....
i'm looking for the color....
it's something i just can't find...

(and repeat the chorus thingy: "have you ever tried...")

eh... it's kind of random and not real polished... but i just wrote it so give me a break. any suggestions or comments? I'm gonna write some music it to it when i get home and try to hammer out the rough edges.
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