ac/dc vs. jimmy eat world

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Now this thread is the stupidest, most horrid, evil thing ever!!! but my ignorant little sister won't shut-up! She has the nerve to actually think that jimmy eat world is actually a better band than ac/dc!!! Now people, vote and please shut her up!!!
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I think you're asking a biased community about this one... it would be like taking a group of 17 year old cheerleading girls and ask them who was a better vocalist.... Freddy Mercury or Kelly Clarkson.......... well... we know which one they'll pick... and you know which one we'll pick. I actually listen to some Jimmy Eat World though... it's not too bad. It's different than most punk music out there. Ac/Dc is still a better band all around... music, vocals, stage presence, influencial stylings....... the whole package.
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Yanni vs. Slayer
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How could you say that those Jimmy eat world fags are better then AC/DC i mean if you have listened to each bands music and you can honestly say that Jimmy eat world is better your ****ing retarded man. And sorry for being so rude but when it comes to emo music like that i get totally fired up. PLAY GUITAR SOLOOOOOOSSSS!!!!!!!!
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Haha, umm, AC/DC? Maybe? Maybe it's the 30+ years experience in guitar playing that Angus has that does that. . . solo's anyone?

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Bon Scott is rolling in his grave. Slap your sister for all of us.
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AC DC, just tell her who has sold more albums and who has had longivity...that way its objective.
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