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I thinkin of buyin a new amp but can't decide between 2 marshalls. The only marshalls they have my local guitar center are jcm 2000's , but I dont completly like them, the crunch sounds a little thin and kinda fake/simulated. which amp would you suggest for someone who plays blues rock, rock, metal. A jcm800, jcm 900, plexi reissue?
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Well, I've got both a JCM 800 and a 900. The 900 is much more suited for blues and the 800 is suited for rock/metal. I would say go with the 800, it's more versatile than the 900's, just roll off the gain a bit and you can get a good bluesy sound....I don't care much for the 2000's either, they do sound thin to my ears also...
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I have the TSL100 and love it to bits, it can go from clean to crunch to dirty as sin with out missing a beat ! There os much tweekability also, may be that is the problem ! The TSK has an enormous number of leavers and buttons and is very flexible so maybe have a persevere ! Dont know about the DSL though Ive only ever heard good things about it !
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The only thing bad I've heard about the DSL's is the PCB going bad from overheating. Installing one of those little computer fans could help prevent that though.
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