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04/30/2005 3:09 am
Since you started a little lyric thread I'll post lyrics that I wrote. The song is called "Seperate." Let me know what you think of it.

I'm okay
When you're away
It's been so long
Since we've lived together
I'm sorry to leave you confused
But I believe this is for the better
You just don't seem to understand
Why I live this life


One word
And I'm a fool
You cringe
At the ideas of my philosophy
You say you want logic
Well I'm breathing it into the air
I'm sorry that you view the world
So blind

How are we related?
We can't even coexist
Under an environment of bliss
You shatter my light of hope
And suck my soul into your bitter darkness
Of blame and scrutiny
Why do you ask the questions to me?
When you only want an answer
That excludes hearing me

(Chorus Repeat)

I know you try
You try so hard to comprehend
Whats inside my head
But not even the ones that I hold close
You feel lost by the separation
Well theres a reason we're so far away
And I have doubts that this will all go away

(Chorus Repeat)

:Outro (4x):

I'm okay
When you're away
Walk Away
I can't relate, to anyone
I try to be, a humble man, a better son, a better friend
But life gets in the way