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Joined: 05/26/03
Posts: 1,597
03/22/2005 6:49 am

Price:currently $445 at paid roughly $250 since I traded a GNX4 towrds it.

*High quality/very well built
*In depth controls over parameters
*Can respond to pick attack to determine sound(i.e pick soft-clean fender,pick hard-distorted marhsall)
*Plenty of useable presets out of the box
*The effects chain can be switched around to produce different sounds
*Killer effects
*S/PDIF out for recording

*No software support or editor currently
*Cannot upgrade
*No USB or Fire wire ports for quick connectivity
*Steep learning curve
*Amp models arn't completley 'accurate'

I got this on a whim while going to pick a PODXTL I had reserved for me.They had just got these in.I have had other boss gear in the past(single pedals)so I trusted the build quality and had heard great things about the GT-6,so I took the plunge.The unit itself is solid,just don't kick the knobs...I suppose those could pop off.

The presets out of the box are great.Theres a ton of them and many are high gain or overdrivin.I originally wanted an all in one recording device and assumed this would do just that.Well it dosn't.The GNX4 I had before acted as a low latency outboard device.The boss will not do this and isn't intended too.This machine is meant to be played and used live.That said,it does have an s/pdif output for recording purposes.

While the amp models are great sounding,it seems difficult to 'nail' them like line 6 seems able to.Most of this units power lies in its golden effects.All sound superb and can be tweaked till your blue in the face.The interface is simple yet deep...this unit can't be tamed in a day.

The results are realistic when you approach it as an actual guitar rig.Setting your overdrive/distortion box levels and amp/pre amp volumes just like you would a physical setup.Its all too easy to just max the knobs and get a crappy sound.Everything is very resonsive and when treated like a real amp/cabinet and effects the results are splendid.

As of now,there is no computer software or way to download patches.This is Boss's biggest drawback.A GUI showing the actual amps/effects in a computer enviroment would make the unit much more accessible to people who don't want to learn the manual interface.Also,not being able to share patches is a bummer. has great support for the product and is planning some kind of software editor I believe.

Wrap Up All in all,this board does what it does well...sound good!If tons of accurate amp models is your thing,then line 6 is the way to go.If you desire an all in one workstation then the GNX line may be for you.If you wan't a deep,intuitive piece of great sounding gear that is meant for performance then take the GT-8 for a spin.Ive yet to even scratch the surface.Everyday I find new sounds...truth be told,I spend less time fiddling and more time me thats everything.

Try once,fail twice...