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03/21/2005 5:53 pm

PODxt with FBV shortboard
Price new: $300 & $270 for shortboard

About the item:

The PODxt is a digital modeling unit that models guitar amplifiers, guitar cabinets, and effects. Stock it has 36 amp models, 24 cabinet models, 4 mic models, and 50 effects. With the addition of “Model Packs” you can add 36 more amps, and 30 more effects. You can purchase all 3 packs for $100 or so. I bought mine used and it already had the metal pack installed so I haven’t purchased any of the other packs. The PODxt can be used in several different way’s. It can be connected straight to your recording set up, if using a computer it can be connected via USB, it can be plugged into the front end of a guitar amp, or in the loop to bypass the amps preamp, it can basically be plugged into anything that makes sound. The addition of the Floorboard controller gives you access to wah, volume, turning effects on/off, switching presets, changing banks, accessing tuner, tap tempo, and volume boost.


-Great tone for almost any application.
-Many options to tweak to dial your sound in just right
-Can be used live or in the studio
-Records very well
-Sounds like a real mic’ed amp
-Ability to expand with upgrades and Model Packs
-Editable via Line6 Edit or GuitarPort edit on your computer
-Small / can fit on a desktop with ought taking up much space
-Fairly easy to learn


-Takes forever to set up the tone you’re looking for
-A lot of the amp models aren’t true to the amp they are modeling
-High end “fizz” is very prominent with certain combinations of amp’s and cab’s
-not enough mic models and options
-need’s more/different output modes


I mainly use my PODxt for recording now, but I have also used it in several different way’s. I have used it in the effects loop of a Peavey Classic 50 and a Triple XXX i/e: guitar-àPODxt-àamps fx return. It works very well for this type set up. You have to select either 2x12 or 4x12 for the output mode, and normally it will sound better with the cab sims turned off since you are already going through a real cab. But, some do sound good with the cab sims on. I have also used it for the effects only in the mentioned amps. Doing this the guitar is plugged straight into the amp and the PODxt’s output is plugged into the amps fx loop’s return the amps fx loop send is plugged into the PODxt’s input, and all amps and cab’s are set to bypass. The biggest thing you have to remember with the xt is to not pay close attention to the amp names, and just use your ears. There are a lot of great tones hidden in this thing, but you have to search for them.


I would suggest the xt for anybody who’s into home recording and doesn’t have all the equipment or amps to have a good mic’d amp sound, or the place to turn a real amp up loud enough to get a good signal. I find that the xt suit’s my needs perfect. Another thing to remember, when test driving one, don’t pay attention to any of the factory presets, because none of them really let the xt shine. It takes time and effort, but the end tone will definitely be worth it.
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