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03/15/2005 5:30 pm

Price paid: $900 new

-decent price for what you get
-3 independant channels
-master volume
-very versatile after a tube change
-active eq' on gain channels
-fx loop can be bypassed and can be used as a volume boost

-needs a tube change to sound it's best
-presance and resonance controls would be nice
-too much gain
-clean channel can be a little gritty at times
-stock tubes sound really bad

This is a 2004 Peavey Triple XXX head. It is 120 watt's with 6L6 power tubes. Stock this amp has way too much gain! But by swaping out the preamp tubes, you can tame this beast into a very versatile amp. Right now my amp has the stock 6L6 power tubes which are ok, but they will soon be replaced with some JJ EL34's. Oh, and the faceplate is not stock! I made that here at work. I use this amp for styles ranging from classic rock, to Van Halen, to Black Label Society, and it does all this very well. It defanately takes time to get it set right, but has almost any tone you want hidden in it somewhere.

Here are some specs:
-120 tube watt's
-switchable bias control and sweep knob for either 6L6 or EL34 power tubes
-3 channels with independant eq controls (passive for clean channel and active for gain channels)
-master volume
-parrallel effects loop that can act as a volume boost when not being used for effects
-Damping switch for loose, mid, and tight resonance settings
-switchable 16, 8, & 4 ohm output
-2 speaker outs
-line out
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