What sort of player are you

Led Zeppelin
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Rythm, lead.
Chords, fingerpicking.

Personally Im a lead player. I dont like playing rythm and I only know 6 chords. Then again I can play very complicated stuff and I struggle at even the simplest strumming (slight exaggreation but you know what I mean).
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Mostly lead, I can't stand fingerpicking. It get's on my nerves to bad. I trying to learn a classical piece for a fine arts festival (it's a thing where a lot of high schools get together and compete at different thing) anyway you can only play classical songs, and I've been trying to learn a classical song, and I can play the song I just get messed up on the right hand. I play rhythm too, though. I try to learn all the chords that can. It's good for songwriting.
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I have to learn classical stuff because in Ireland you pick 7 subjects for your course and one of them I picked was music and the course is mostly classical so.
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Got any ideas for any classical songs? I know nothing about classical, I'm a blues/rock kinda guy.
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Mason Williams - Classical Gas
Davy Graham - angi
Ralph McTell - Streets of london
Carlos Montoya - malaguena
Bllody Mary - traditional song
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My pholosophy toward guitar is that being a good rythm player helps your leads, and being a good lead player should help your rythm. It's all got to work together, and I really feel a need to know both- afterall, both have their place. Afterall, a large part of what made SRV so great was that even when he was playing a lead, it was very rythmic, and filled a lot of space. Now of course, I sound nothing like the man, but I try to keep that in mind.
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lead guitar..
and even if i'm playing rhythm i still do it with fills and not just chords-strumming...
my prefered style of guitar player is ritchie blackmore, and even when he plays rhythm he still doesnt play just chords, but patterns based on them
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ren hoek
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Lead w/rhythm fills. I've been the only guitar player in most of the bands I've played in and in the last one we were a classic Power Trio and together 10 years.
Playing blues, SRV/Allmans/Clapton/Cream/Govt Mule &
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Stuff Like that.
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is Super Fabulous
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Everything. Lead, rhythm chords, rhythm with fills, fingerpicking, etc.
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I'm very impulsive..

When writing songs, I start with just one simple riff, and I try to naturally see where it will take me. Sometimes the song ends up sounding bluesly, sometimes its rather loud and obnoxious, and other times it a little of both. But throughout the whole learning experiuejnce with the guitar, (ive always added classical elements to my sound), because thats where i started from. When I began the guitar I basically tried my best to master the art of fingerstyle, and I feel Ive done a very good job.

I would have to say that my overall style is across between, Jimmy Page and Brian May...At least thats what my ex-fiance has told me. I don't now, I think when you try too hard to define your sound you're kind of missing the point, and that is to always remain open minded, and to never remain stagnent.

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I gotta say I enjoy all styles of guitar. I play rhythm and lead. I enjoy playing punk/funk style guitar the most, so I rely on rhythm with a few lead riffs as filler. It's amazing to me though how I can take the same riff that I use for a punk song, put it inside a blues progression and just listen to the mood change!


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I would say i am most of all a lead guitarist.

But nevertheless it is important to be skilled in the other fields too.
I joined a band 3 years ago and i did not have a clue about playing rythm for i always concentrated on soloing. But very soon i had to discover that, in a band, u have to be a good rythm-maker too - u can´t play solos all the time.
That was the time when i became a rythm player too.

One day my guitar teacher (i took one after 2 years of autodeductive learning) had a brilliant idea and i wanna pass this on to everyone cuz i think that this is a VERY cool thing:
I told him: "gimme some of the heaviest stuff u have!"
and he (having studied in vienna Karl Scheit) took out some of his Modern-classics:

  • William Walton´s "Five Bagatelles for guitar"

  • Benjamin Britten´s "Nocturnal"

  • Isaak Albeniz "Leyenda"

  • Cristobal Halffter´s "Codex I"

and a few other VERY difficult pieces.

I looked for some audio examples on these pieces and started to practice...

This crap REALY made my playing (i´m a metal-guitarist btw) become better by aprox 500% - this stuff realy kicks ass!

Some of them songs might sound "strange" or sometimes "dissonant" (i didn´t care about that - i just wanted to be able to play the most difficult stuff avaliable *L*) but they realy helped alot!

The first 3 pieces i mentioned above have been performed by Julian Bream - just in case some of u want to give them a try! - u can also find "the five bagatelles (well - 3 of them :) ) at midiworld.com

Have fun and keep on rocking!

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I'm more of a "play anything hope it sounds good' kinda guy right now. I'm really just picking up bits and pieces off all kinda stuff right now. Too early to determine what kind of player I am or want to be right now.
Practice, practice, practice...
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Agent Phillips
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I like to play power chords. Two reasons 1.) They are very simple to play and 2.) I dont know to many other chords. I also like to fingerpick every now and then. It can be a real pain at times, but its still kinda fun.
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mainly lead its hard to switch chords really fast for me
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I play whatever I need to play at the time whether it be lead or rythm i'll play it.
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