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02/16/2005 4:44 am
Okay, well I've been going through this pretty bad period of writers block as far as songs go. I always try to be clever, and stick away from any cliches. So half the time, my songs don't make sense to anyone but me, but I'd like to think that come out unique. Well, anyways back to writers block situation... My philosophy teacher, who plays guitar, suggested I try writing something a little cliche and down to earth, so I just did. And I kind of what to butcher the hell out of it and make it into a good song. I'd figured I could use a lot of help, and don't be nice... but any constructive criticism would be deeply appreciated.

Fallen Leaves (yes i even half a title)

Protect your loved ones
Protect everything you need
Talk down your fears
Talk down positivities in me (yes I think I made up the word positivities)

verse 1
she knows your dreams
every weakness he sees
you're both so condescending
but maybe in the pale fall light
we could just be

verse 2
memories are unforgiving
they can hid the wrongs in the past
the most vivid is when you said you loved me
as the leaves fell so gracefully

as time ticks slowly by
time inevitable marches on
hiding from formal identities
throwing away what I thought you saw in me
what I am is fallen leave
(yeah I know that makes since, but within the chord structure I formulated it works out)

And thats it...