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02/01/2005 6:26 am
you can say that again OUCH!
i would just like to say the Axe L man pulls a good punch
seriously GnR has like amazing songs
if someone asked me whats my favourite songs i couldnt name one
i would have to name around ten
CIVIL WAR!, YESTERDAY!, 14 YEARS!, i didnt even get to
SWEET CHIL'!,WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE!, SHOTGUN BLUES!, GET IN THE RING! amazing so i think they got two thing over alot of bands SLASH's soul and solos
they have made thee most memorable songs, they also did this in the 80's!!! which was filled with hair metal bands which we arent gona talk about (cus i personally dont mind ratt, judas priest, warrant, poison, but i didnt see them in Mistress cloths so whatever)

so i got your back GnR and i plan on BUYING that cd even if it bombs like Saint Anger (apoligize if you liked that album but i rather eat crap)

so you rock on AXEL DUDE rock on! :cool:
die hard fan right there!
very cool
you dont see so many die hard fans ok
Just as a side point to axel dude
Slash is the man
Axel not so much
thats how i see it thou
unless i mixed up there names again!!!! :confused:
When it comes down to it, our guitar's will always be there for us. :rolleyes: