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01/26/2005 6:40 am
yo whats up snake
i have been writting since i have bein playing (3 years) and you may being around writting all wrong (i had a freind with the same problem)
u see my freind would write peices of music and just connect them

see he thought music is just ya know music

i explained to him you are making a masterpeice, a picture, if you will, and you cant connect pictures unless they were drawn with the same intent, style, technique and idea for each part of the picture stays and flows (i draw also hehe)

so when you start a song it has to be...ok lets take an example:
lets say you decide you wana write about a women
(for aguements sake just accept it ok)
k so maybe the beginning starts of happy since you got this awesome women as your gf or whatever

but then the next part goes into some minors and you say in the music;meaning the feel of the song is that:
you are having troubles with the girl

then the next part, 3rd part would be lets just say a chorus of that you hate her or whatnot

and then from there you have a song
cus you can go back to the intro or you can go to the second part of the song or even continue
it doesnt have to have three parts i just gave you a nice easy example
and you can even have a fast break there and have your solo or whatever like a minute and a half in

my freind was writting songs with no intention of were the song is even going (which also could be your problem)
you gotta know what the song represents what you are writting about
if you just got and put parts together its not always gonna flow since they werent written to be next to each other

i have made one song by putting peices together and the whole song is bass and guitar breaks with a steady drum beat in the back and a keyboard switching keys with the breaks but that was with the help of my band(which sadly broke up) so since its just you writting in your band i dont see how you can just make ya know peices and stick them together

so pretty much what i am telling you is you gotta invision (or whatever works parrallel to it) and figure out what you are gonna write in the song so when there is a shift it will make sence and flow since it was ment to be there
k man i hope this has been helpful and about the solo just take it slow
i used to have huge problems with written melodys for songs, sing the solo before playing it that also helps
the solo also has to fit the song you cant start tapping like a madman to like a acoustic finger-picking song
and if you can and make it sounds good...AMAZING!!!
(van halen does this during the "ice cream man" song hehe i dont think he finger picks but its still nutz)
k dude rock on :rolleyes:
When it comes down to it, our guitar's will always be there for us. :rolleyes: