Chord Progresions

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I have been playing for about a year. Being such a new player,I do alot of "chording" and rythem practice along with little fills and alot of scale practice.Basically all that I really know is the I-IV-V progresion in the 12 bar blues format.I desprately need a break from this "sound". Any different progressions would be greatly appriciated.
Please list some of your favorites for me ....
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ok here are some...

I-VI-VII, like E-C-D <br>

I-VI-III-VII, for example A F C G <br>

II-V-I, standard jazz progression, ex. Dmin7-G7-CMaj7
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I'm very new to the blues thing, and I honestly don't understand the 12-bar progressions. If there is someone or some site that can help me out, I would be very thankful.
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