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Ok i need some help, in my band our rythym guitarist and our bassist, can barely play. The guitarist is so depressed all the time he just barely practices(his dad died a year ago), and well the bassist is just lazy and he doesn't own a bass yet, he has to use someone elses(but he has access to a acoustic guitar). And me and the other guys have talked about kicking them out and just going as a three piece, now i'm willing to kick the bassist out but the guitarist i'm a little reluctant because i like to have 2 guitarists in a metal band. how do you tell someone they're good people but they just suck at playing guitar? and i think the other guys are to far advanced for them to catch up, your suggestions are despretly needed

Oh yea i forgot to add, we've only been playing together 2 or 3 weeks
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Ok here goes. Being in a band is about playing the music you love. Do we all agree? Wouldn't it be great if we could earn money from this thing we love?

The people in your band are VERY important. You have to have people who are good at what they do. Are creative. And dedicated. And enthusiastic. Also you have to get on with them.

Now, if you are just messing about and don't intend to gig then keep the people who are in your band now. If you want to record a demo do some gigs and maybe get a deal then kick them out. Make no bones about it. Just tell them straight. It may hurt but its the way its gotta be.

People love the idea of being a rock star. Then they realise its actually very hard work. Learning your instrument is such a begining thing that if they can't be bothered to do that then they have NONE of the qualitys I have talked about.

It really sucks when they are your friends. It can hurt the friendship. But if you want to succeed then its just the way it has to be.

I hope this helps...

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I would take it easy on the kid who's dad died, I would be grieving for a LONG TIME if my dad time, but I think mabye the band is one of the last things he can turn to. kick the bassist though that lazy fewl
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tell the guitar player to write some songs about his father.
It would be a great way for him to get his feelings out and get on with life. As for the bassist, you have to have an instrument and be willing to practice if you want to be in a band. I would tell this person to straighten up and fly right or hit the road.

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Well, I wouldn't tell the kid to write about his dad outright, but it wouldn't hurt to nudge him in that direction. Maybe the thing to do is just to encourage him to write about anything. My guess is he'll write what he needs to write.

As for the bassist...
Their is no excuse for him. If he can't do what you need, then he'll have to go.
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I agree with Raskolnikov. Some of the best songs today were written about tragedy. A lot of musicians became famouse writing songs about mishaps, relationships or losses .Slowly bring him that direction and see how it goes. It couldnt hurt any.

You should try your best(If you hadnt already) to help the bass player. He should seriously go if he is not willing to benifit the band.

Take Care God Bless
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