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01/02/2005 6:51 pm
hey ok i took your advice and i have been studying english and so i wrote down some little things i thought of for songs and this is one of them ok:

he was sitting a little of to the side
smoken his stog
and he was looking for his next victom
when his eyes hit me
well i wasnt going to fast
so i invited him down to my side of the bar
he was so slick and cool
man you should have seen this guy
i mellowed the devil
i have tamed wild dogs
i have marched with the mushrooms, baby
and i still havent had my fall
well the next day he was back
ya the devil was back at my door
he wanted to come in a get some more
haha and he got high again
man what a cat
and he was just lieing there laughing
o ya good times boys
here we go again (solo)

ya thats the end
its a blues song well tell me whatcha thing hehe
:D even thou i cant write lyrics i still can play guitar
well sorta haha
k later dudes :cool:
When it comes down to it, our guitar's will always be there for us. :rolleyes: