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Grizzled Spellchecker
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Grizzled Spellchecker
Joined: 05/09/00
Posts: 2,233
11/04/2004 4:29 am
Okay, I just finished these up today, and I'm having fun putting these up, since I don't really have time to record them so this seems to be the next best thing. My plans are to also write a spring and summer song. See previous postings for "The Autumn Song". There was also "The Cheesy/Sappy Song" which I recently posted. I guess this doesn't really stray too far from that, though.

Anyways, without further ado.

[U]The Winter Song (copyright blah blah blah, like anyone will copy this. But if you do, I will kill you. No, really, I will.)[/U]

So long
I've been waiting for this snow to fall give us a break from the fall

To cover the paths
we once knew
We won't retrace
We'll start anew

Can we start anew?

As I watch the fields
turn from green to white
I'm feeling peace
A brief respite

But it's not too long
and I'm pulled back
Doesn't take too much
to turn this white to black

[Chorus-type part, all shouty-like]
I'm falling again
I'm falling again
I'm falling
Will this winter ever end?

And the season's changing
I can feel myself aging
I've stopped changing
Still I feel the world turning

I'm breathing
But still, it's not easy
I'm freezin'
Can't you see it's not easy?

Fade out repeating "it's not easy"
... and that's all I have to say about that.

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