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sorry for the obnoxious title......thought i'd be a smartass.

yo....i'm jon. been playing guitar for about.......ohhhh umm.....10 years now? maybe only 9....i forget. i listen to mainly punk and ska and fishbone but listen to a good selection of everything else......so long as it's good music, i'll probably like it.

i have a '96 les paul standard plus and a '59 fender bassman reissue and some other stuff but nothing worth mentioning.

edit: probably should also add that i attended music school at NOCCA for jazz guitar and classical trombone and am currently attending full sail for recording and am about to graduate in a few months.
okay...my post is done...goodbye.
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welcome aboard noob!
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Originally Posted by: PRSplayawelcome aboard noob!

agreed hop you like the site
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Originally Posted by: tehplatypussorry for the obnoxious title......

You know, I opeened this thread JUST to yell about that? Oh, well. Welcome aboard dude! :D
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Originally Posted by: Jolly McJollysonYou know, I opeened this thread JUST to yell about that? Oh, well. Welcome aboard dude! :D

heh, i've never been one for good first impressions. :p
okay...my post is done...goodbye.
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welcome to the site. (insert usually greeting preamble here) :D
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welcome to the site!!!!!!!!!! this is my 100 post!!!!!!!!! nothing to be too excited about but o well.
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