How To Play The Emin Chord On The Guitar

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In this guitar lesson you will learn how to play the Emin chord.

Here are five different ways you can play the Emin chord on the guitar. The Emin chord can also be called the E minor chord.

There are many variations for all guitar chords. Be sure to check out our guitar chord chart for every available option.

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How To Play An Emin Chord On The Guitar

We're diving into the world of the E minor chord. Commonly written as Em, it's a chord that's got a bit of a moody vibe and plays an important role in tons of songs. Let's check out some cool ways to play it on guitar, each with its own unique sound that's perfect for different situations.

E Minor Chord - Open Position & Barre Chord

First up, the open position E minor chord. This one's a breeze for beginners. Just two fingers, strum all six strings, and boom - you've got a deep, rich sound that's great for just chilling out with an acoustic. It's a no-sweat intro to other chords too.


  • Middle finger: 2nd fret on the A string.
  • Ring finger: 2nd fret on the D string.

Now, for a bit more of a challenge, try the E minor barre chord. You'll be barring (pressing down several strings with one finger) across the frets way up at the 12th fret. In other words, take the open position chord, and where you would normally play the open strings, barre your index finger across the 12th fret. It's a must-try for electric guitar, especially if you're into rock or blues, though most stick to the open or alternate voicings.


  • Index finger: bar across the 7th fret.
  • Middle finger: 8th fret on the G string.
  • Ring finger: 9th fret on the A string.
  • Pinky finger: 9th fret on the D string.

Em Power Chord - Rock On!

If you're into rock or metal, you've got to give the E minor power chord a shot. It's a simpler version, focusing on the root and the fifth. Perfect for when you want to crank up the distortion and get loud


  • Index finger: 2nd fret on the A string.
  • Ring finger: 4th fret on the D string
  • Optional - barring your index finger across to the high E string.

Alternative Ways to Play an E Minor Chord

Here's where you can get creative. Playing around with different finger positions and voicings can give you some really unique and interesting sounds. It's awesome for songwriting or just adding a new twist to your playing. Think of it like putting your own spin on the chord.

Em Variations

These might take a bit of practice, but they're worth it. They'll give you a ton of new ways to play around with the Em chord and keep things fresh.

The E minor chord isn't just your basic chord; it's a whole world of sound waiting for you to explore. From the super easy open position to the cooler barre chords and beyond, you've got loads of options. Each style brings something different to the table, fitting all kinds of music vibes. Grab your guitar, try these out, and see how they can amp up your playing style!

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