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Unison Bends Made Easy

Unison Bends Made Easy

Unison bends can add a layer of depth to your rock soloing and really level-up your sound. In this lesson, Mike Olekshy demonstrates an easy approach to unison bends so that you can have the skill in your back pocket the next time you take a solo.

The concept of a unison bend is pretty simple: bend one string while also fretting the note that you're bending to on another string. Combining the sound of those two notes -- one static and one moving -- can create some really interesting sounds that are perfect for spicing-up your licks and riffs. 

Once you have the general technique down, you can really experiment with speed and how long you draw out the actual bend. You'll notice that bending slowly creates some tension as you pull the two notes into tune with eachother. This can be great for building anticipation as you lead into a solo. Pulling the bend faster can be a cool flourish to throw quickly into a lead phrase. 

Feel it out and have fun!

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