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4 Easy Guitar Licks You NEED to Know

4 Easy Guitar Licks

Improvising guitar solos is all about recalling a variety of licks and riffs from your memory. It helps to have a deep repertoire of licks to pull from for any given solo. Mike is here again to share four easy licks that are sure to find a place in your soloing library.

To keep things nice and easy, Mike will teach all four licks in the key of D Minor, but once you've learned all four, it will be a breeze to shift them up and down the neck. The first and second licks are bending, reapeatable licks that are great for adding tension to solos -- the more times you repeat them, the more you leave the crowd hanging!

The third lick brings some pull-off techniques to the table. Once you nail it and speed it up, it will add some nice flash to your soloing. The fourth lick also combines picking and pull-off techniques in a D Minor pentatonic box that can also be sped up for searing, face-melting guitar solos.

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