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12 Bar Blues in A

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In this Tutorial Series we are going to learning how to play a 12 Bar Blues in A!

We want to place our index finger right behind the fret to create the best sounding note. Don't put your finger ON the fret, or too far behind it. Put the very tip of your finger right behind the fret. Try to make sure that your finger from the last knuckle to the tip is pointed straight down into the string. Don't lay your finger down so the pad of your finger is on the string.

Let's establish a simple rhythm to use. As in many "blues" songs the rhythm is an eight-note triplet pattern. That means you will have 3 ("triplets") evenly spaced counts occur on every beat. This leads to a background counting pattern of:

1 & uh 2 & uh 3 & uh 4 & uh (repeat) for every measure.

In this example we will play notes on the beat "number", skip the "&" and then play notes on the "uh". This leads to a "swing" type rhythm that is very typical for "blues" (and also "jazz" and/or "swing") style songs.

1 & uh 2 & uh 3 & uh 4 & uh

The basic pattern is this:

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12 Bar Blues in A