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Blues Rhythm Shell Voicings 1

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In this tutorial we'll level up our blues rhythm playing by exploring some extremely precise and punchy voicings of our dominant 7 and 9 chords. These chords are stripped down to a minimum number of notes for a maximum impact, and they're often referred to as shell voicings.

These little clusters really cut through the mix and only take up a minimum amount of space in the sonic picture, which is particularly useful when there's a lot going on in the music and you're having a hard time finding a place to sit in the mix. I always say that the magic happens on the top 3 strings, and I hope that today you'll see why.

I'll be using my Telecaster going through my old Ampeg tube amp with a bright clean tone and a little bit of reverb. As always you can use any guitar and amp combination you have for these. Just make sure to err on the cleaner side of things and not use too much overdrive if any at all.

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Blues Rhythm Shell Voicings 1