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Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now)

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This is a two guitar arrangement of this classic jazz song. Guitar 1 is a rhythm guitar part playing the chord progression. Guitar 2 is a lead guitar part playing the solo.This is a great opportunity to learn how to use some extended harmony chords in a song setting, how to learn to embellish a melody with some typical lead guitar vocabulary in an early jazz style.

We'll start with the chord progression, then learn how to play the overall song form using the chords. Then we'll learn a solo that closely follows the chord progression in an early jazz style. Finally we'll put it all together for complete play alongs.

I'm using a hollow-body electric guitar with a clean tone. But you can play this song on any guitar, an electric, acoustic or classical. We'll play this song in the key of F major, with an 1/8th note triplet swing groove, in 4/4 time signature at a tempo of 190 BPM.

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Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now)