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Basic Strumming Pattern

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In this lesson, we’ll get ready to play our chord progression using the strumming pattern in time, along with a backing track. This is when you really have to be ready to switch chords effectively because the backing track keeps going and doesn’t wait for you! This is what playing music in real time is about. It’s focusing on the beat, the backing track, and where you are in the music.
You have to practice the chord changes by yourself slowly until the motions are completely second nature.

Be patient with yourself. If you find you are struggling, then just turn off the backing track and try to work on the parts that are problematic. Focus on those motions without worrying about playing in time. It’s only going to be frustrating until you’ve got those motions automated. So, take your time and work through the problem areas. You can also slow the speed playback of the backing track to match your current skill level, then gradually move the speed up to challenge yourself. This is the best way to do it.

Now I’ll play along with the backing track to show what it looks and sounds like. I hope you enjoyed this lesson and hope to see you in future lessons.

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Basic Strumming Pattern