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Call Me The Breeze

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For all the rhythm guitars in this song, I’m playing a Les Paul set to the bridge humbucker for a thick, powerful sound. For all leads, I’m using a Strat since the last lick of the song features a vibrato bar dive. However, any electric guitar can be used to play this song. You could adjust the final lick to something else if your guitar doesn’t have a vibrato bar.

A Fender tube amp is the best choice to replicate the tones in this tune. Dial in for a thick crunch sound. Start out by setting the Preamp Gain to 75%, Bass to 50%, Mids to 55%, and the Treble and Presence to around 60%.

Guitar 1 uses a phaser effect for a distinct swirling sound.

For the leads, I’m kicking in a Tube Screamer for more gain and sustain.

I’ve also added a touch of reverb to all guitars for depth.

I’m digging into these riffs and licks with a heavy pick while playing 10-46 string gauge.

Fender Deluxe Model:
Gain: 75%, Bass: 50%, Mids: 55%, Treble: 60%, Presence: 60%

Phaser (GTR 1):
Rate: 45% Depth: 75%. Wet/Dry: 50%

Tube Screamer (GTR 2):
Drive: 50%. Tone: 60%. Level: 60%

WetDryMIX: 25%

Lesson Info
Instructor Mike Olekshy
Call Me The Breeze