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Essential Techniques For Tough Country Sound

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For this tutorial we're going to be using a little more variation in the tones than I normally do. The basic tone will be the same with my Gretsch Duo Jet going straight into a modeled version of a small Fender tube amp with a mostly clean tone. Then I'll be playing with the amount of reverb I'm using; all the way from completely dry to completely soaked.

I'll also be playing with the tremolo settings all the way from no tremolo at all to a heavy and fast setting. On top of that I'll be using my Bigsby vibrato arm here for some of the examples. If you don't have access to one or more of these tools right now don't stress. The most important thing is to train your fingers and your ears right now, so even if you don't have all the tones yet, you can still learn how it all works.

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Essential Techniques For Tough Country Sound