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Minor and Major Pentatonics

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Now let's try using both our regular major pentatonic pattern and our new minor pattern with the key major notes.

Now it's time to try that out over the backing track. So I'll start out soloing with this approach for 8 bars, then you'll go and so on back and forth. Remember to keep your ideas really simple and listen to me for inspiration.

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial on major and minor soloing. Understanding how each of the individual notes within your chords and scales work is such a huge advantage. Both for your soloing right here and now, since you'll understand what notes you're playing and how they work, as opposed to just blindly playing a bunch of notes and seeing what happens. That's of course okay too, but it takes years to subconsciously develop a strong sense of how each of the notes work. You can shave so much time off of your journey by understanding just a little bit of theory. And to make it even better, this will help you learn any other scale you want to down the road. But right now it's a matter of getting really good at creating tension and resolving it in creative ways.

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Minor and Major Pentatonics