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Embellishing The Country Shuffle Boogie Riff

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Now that you got a brand new handful of cool tricks up your sleeve, let's try and use it all within the context of a practice tune.

I hope you feel very comfortable with the country shuffle at this point. This vocabulary can not only be used to play hundreds and hundreds of country songs. It's also extremely useful in blues, rock and many other styles of music. We're dealing with some very musically universal building blocks here, and what makes it sound like one style over another has to do with a few factors.

First of all there's the tone you use. If you use a heavily distorted tone it's gonna sound more like rock, but if you use a bright clean tone it'll sound more like country.

Then there's of course the context it's performed within. What instruments are playing, and is it a country or a blues band? But most importantly for learning how to play it has to do with “feel”.

If you listen to a great deal of country guitar playing and study along with this course then you'll pick up all the little nuances, and it'll most likely come out sounding country. Have fun with it!

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Embellishing The Country Shuffle Boogie Riff