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Improvisation in a Major Key Series 2

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Let's start by learning the chord progression we'll use for Section 1. We're going to use these chords: A major, F# minor, B minor and E major. Take those and write out all the notes those chords contain and you'll get an A major scale. That's the scale we'll use to improvise and that's the key signature that all these chord belong to.

A major (I chord)

F# minor (vi chord)

B minor (ii chord)

E major (V chord)

We're going to use those four chords to build an 8 measure section. The first 4 measures will end in a half cadence, then we'll start over at the I chord and end the second 4 measures on the I chord for a full cadence. In this tutorial we're going to actually play the chord progression as part of the play along. So, it's important to practice it right away! We'll play along with this 1st section progression in the next lesson.

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Improvisation in a Major Key Series 2