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Wooly Bully (Made Easy)

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The song opens with a vocal count off and unison hits from the whole band with the guitar playing a G chord. The ‘G’ chord unison hits are revisited just before the sax solo and at the end of the song as well. This is followed by a ‘I-IV-V’ 12-bar blues progression in G using G, C, and D chords. This 12-bar progression is revisited later in the song under the sax solo, but with a ‘D’ chord on the last bar instead.

After the unison hits the band plays a standard 12-bar progression in G with G, C, and D chords, the ‘I-IV-V’ chords, which is revisited under the sax solo later in the song and show ‘D’ chord on final bar instead of staying on ‘G’. Use quarter note down strums along with the band.

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Wooly Bully (Made Easy)