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Big River

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Any acoustic guitar is suitable to play this song, but one with a brighter tone will help cut through the mix better. Place a capo on the 2nd fret to play along with this tutorial.

For the electric guitar, I'm using a Telecaster, but any electric guitar with a single coil pickup in the bridge position can get close to the tone. The bridge single coil provides that bright, spanky tone perfect for classic country.

As far as amps go, any Fender style tube amplifier is a perfect choice. Set the amp for clean sound. Set the Drive to 40%, Bass to 45%, Mid to 55%, Treble to 65%, and Presence to 70%.

Guitar 2 uses some slapback echo for that classic country spank! Add some reverb to all guitars for some depth.

I used a 10-46 string gage, with a heavy pick so I can dig right into those bouncy rhythms and leads. Here are the settings I used:

Fender Deluxe Model:
Drive: 40% Bass: 45% Mid: 55% Treb: 65% Presence: 70%
Slapback Echo:
Time: 110ms Feedback: 0 Wet/DryMIX: 30%
Spring Reverb:
WetDryMIX: 40%

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Instructor Mike Olekshy
Big River