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When Will I Be Loved (Made Easy)

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In this tutorial we’ll learn an easy arrangement on the acoustic guitar that we can play throughout the song!

There many awesome parts & layers in this song, but we are going to let the backing track handle all the electric guitar parts. Our goal is to hold down the core of this song with a great, simple chord progression that ties the whole thing together!

The distinctive intro hits hard with a rocking vocal sung over a held E Major chord. Great way to start a song dramatically! Songwriters take note!

The verse is a rocking, I-IV-V7 progression played with a swinging beat. We'll use open chords & the basic strum modified for the shuffle feel of this rhythm. Instead of a chorus, this song featured a vocal "hook" that gets used at the end of each verse.

The bridge starts on the IV or A chord and the dynamic lays back a little, but steadily builds back up by the last line. The order of the chords change & a barre chord (C# minor) is added for a nice added touch of drama! The bridge ends with 2 bars of the V7 chord, driving us harmonically back to the I chord that kicks off the next verse.

The overall form of the song is:


The guitar parts in this arrangement are very carefully crafted & well-played. But at the end of the day, the arrangement is ultimately here to support the singer/vocal! A fun song with a rocking acoustic guitar part, our job is to keep our ears open and play along well with the band/backing tracks! We'll play this song in 4/4 time at a tempo of 132 BPM in the key of E major.

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When Will I Be Loved (Made Easy)