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Carol Of The Bells (Electric)

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In this lesson we'll learn a single guitar path. The idea here is to take parts of guitar 1 and guitar 2 and combine them into a composite performance that uses some of both parts. This is tricky but very rewarding!

For the intro, we'll start by combining the volume swells from guitar 1 and guitar 2 together in a diad harmony. Once the melody arrives play guitar 1's part for 4 measures, then jump to the harmony that guitar 2 adds. After 4 measures jump back to guitar 1 when it switches to the higher octave. Stay with guitar 1 for the second section of the main melody.

At the solo you can either part! I've done guitar 1 just to keep it as simple as possible.

At the outro we combine the guitar 1 and guitar 2 for the volume swells again. Then play guitar 2's repeated lick ending with a final harmony volume swell!

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Carol Of The Bells (Electric)