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Jumpin' Jack Flash

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This song features 2 guitar layers. Guitar 1 is the main rhythm guitar layer that provides the tough, solid riffing throughout the song. Guitar 2 adds some high voicings and melodies that add sparkle and ornamentation to the riffs.

The song starts out with a bold, aggressive riff that transitions into the iconic verse riff. The chorus section blasts off with a killer chord progression and hook, with Guitar 2 adding some higher riffing and melodies to build the arrangement. The bridge uses the intro chord progression, but adds some arpeggiations and combines with Guitar 2's higher melodies for a cool sound. The outro revisits the bridge section for a climactic ending of the song.

We've included a bonus lesson to teach you how to play Guitar 1's parts using the open E tuning featured on the original recording.

To play this tune using only one guitar, simply play Guitar 1 all the way through.

In the following lessons, we'll talk about barre chords and power chords, chord arpeggiation, and some aggressive rhythm guitar approaches. We are in the key of B major, with a 4/4 time signature, at a tempo of 138 BPM.

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Instructor Mike Olekshy
Jumpin' Jack Flash