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Let's learn one more tune, using lots of 7th chords. It's called 'Seventh Time Around'.

In this example, the 7th chords do not behave in the same way as they did in our last song, 'Seventh Avenue Bar and Grill.' In 'Seventh Avenue', the 7th chords clearly pulled us along in the song, as we experienced the effect the 7th chord has when it is meant to build anticipation towards a chord change.

But in this new song, the 7th chords will behave just as themselves. By themselves, they do have a bit of a spicy sound, and they are used this way in many genres of music, including Swing, Jazz, Ragtime, Tin Pan Alley, and more.

Listen to how they behave in this musical context, making the whole song have a particular mood or feel reminiscent of a particular style of music.

Important note: Music Theory is a sophisticated and complex study, much of which goes far beyond the scope of this particular Guitar Fundamentals 2 course. In some cases in these lessons, I am presenting a very simplified explanation of what is, in reality, a deeper and more complex music theory concept. My rationale is that I'd like to enable you to use these chords and variations in your music, even if you have not yet studied the deeper complexities behind them.

In this section, we are using '7th chords' to help create the mood of a particular genre of music. Used in this kind of context, however, these particular chords actually have a much more sophisticated role as regards the more advanced music theory behind the construction of the overall chord progression.

If you go on to study music theory in greater depth, you may return to this tune and listen with more educated ears, having a deeper understanding of how these chords work in this style of musical composition. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy using these chord shapes to play a tune with a particular stylistic feel to it.

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