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Me And The Devil

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In this tutorial you're going to learn how to play the spooky blues song "Me And The Devil Blues" as made famous by Eric Clapton. This is originally a classic blues tune, written and recorded by Robert Johnson, and there are many great cover versions of it. The version we'll be exploring today features some authentic acoustic blues guitar, like the lonely intro that opens the song. After that the acoustic guitar drives the groove with the bass and drums. Most of the fills and lead parts are covered by the harmonica, so the acoustic guitar can just focus on really getting in there and driving the groove, supporting the vocals and nailing the dynamics. If you want to play this song by yourself you can just play the acoustic part and it'll carry the tune completely on its own.

Later on in the song there's a solo section. It's not really featuring any one instrument in particular- it's just the classic "jam section" where everybody plays a little more and a little louder.

In general, this song is all about driving the groove, being a team player and supporting the vocals. Although the right hand technique that's used can be very tricky at first, it's important to remember that you can use this technique in a million other blues songs than just this one. And being able to carry a blues tune all on your own is well worth the hard work. And if you find along the way that need more practice with any of these elements, please go check out our great blues course here on Guitar Tricks. This song is based on a pretty standard 12 bar form in A and the quarter note equals 90 BPM. Let's get to it!

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Me And The Devil