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Night Train

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What's up, it's Mike from Guitar Tricks, teaching you "Night Train" as made famous by Jason Aldean. This is a laid back, modern country radio smash featuring a multi-layered combination of rock, pop, and country guitar elements.

I'll teach this song using 4 guitar layers. Guitar 1 is a crunch guitar that plays some melodic octaves and some solid rhythm using barre chords and power chords. Guitar 2 is an acoustic guitar that strums the chord progressions as a backbone in the song. Guitar 3 is a grit guitar that adds a jangly rhythm track to the arrangement, and Guitar 4 is the lead guitar that digs into a thematic, melodic solo.

The tune starts off hot with some solid rhythm playing, and Guitar 1 setting the tone with a simple melody using octaves. The verse settles into a lower dynamic with some tight rhythm playing. The verse builds into the higher dynamic of the chorus, which features a chord progression that is played wide open. The solo section and outro section feature the intro octave theme with another lead guitar added for excitement. The final chorus brings the dynamic way down to add a dramatic dynamic arc to the arrangement.

To play this tune using only one guitar, play Guitar 2 all the way through. Guitar 2 and Guitar 3 require a capo placed at the 3rd fret.

In the following lessons, we'll talk about acoustic and electric strumming patterns, octaves, palm muting, and dynamics. We are in the key of D minor, with a 4/4 time signature, at a tempo of 79 BPM.

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Instructor Mike Olekshy
Night Train