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I Fall To Pieces

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In this tutorial you'll learn how to play the classic song "I Fall To Pieces" as made famous by the one and only Patsy Cline. This song features that classic combination of the down-home country vibe and the more elaborate and "pretty" production elements that were popular in Nashville at that time. But a song like this is ultimately all about the vocals and the story it is telling, so everything we do in the guitar parts has to be working to support that.

The song starts out with a classic 4 bar intro, and then it goes on to a verse driven by the rhythm section and an acoustic guitar. The acoustic guitar part is the one you want to play if you play this song with just one guitar, but we'll also look at the fills that are played by the electric guitar in unison with some of the other instruments in the band.

We'll analyze and breakdown the different chord progressions, talk about how to get your tones just right for this song and much more. The song is in the key of Bb with a swingin' country groove in 4/4 and the quarter note equals 112 BPM. Let's get started!

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I Fall To Pieces