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I Can't Be Satisfied

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Now it's time to play through this whole song up to speed with backing track. And remember that it's never a bad idea to just watch and listen a couple of times before you start playing along yourself. Here it goes!

I hope you've had a blast learning this great blues song. There's enough slide vocabulary in it to last you a lifetime, if you learn to adapt each of the licks and phrases to other contexts than just this song. All the licks that use open strings can be adapted to other open tunings, and all the licks that don't use any open strings can be moved around on the neck to fit other keys as well... And as a bonus most of them will work like a charm on electric. So I hope you'll take the time to fully explore what all this slide-guitar-gold can do for your playing in other contexts as well. Have fun with it!

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I Can't Be Satisfied