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Don Henley of the Eagles was quoted as saying "all you need to be a rock and roll star is a high tolerance for repetition". He was talking about playing "Hotel California" 200 nights a year, but what he said is SO true about acquiring muscle memory. Repetition, especially mindfully done, is the key to muscle memory! We'll talk about several ways you can expedite your progress including:

-Focusing on one thing at a time
-Using your eyes to train your hands so that you will no longer need to look.
-Practicing for continuity vs accuracy; BOTH are good and important.
-Getting everything to come together via strength, flexibility and independence
-Good repetition vs bad repetition: mindful repetition works 10x faster than just flinging your hands around and hoping for the best.
-Listen to your body! If your hands/fingers are spazzing, take a break or switch to working on another skill.
-Notice how your neck and shoulders feel while you are playing, and check in with yourself after. Don't hurt yourself!
-If you are not yet able to practice 30 minutes, consider two shorter sessions.

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How To Practice