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Speed of the Sound of Loneliness (Made Easy)

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One of the things I nag my students about most consistently is their timing (or lack thereof). Rhythm is one half of music and often the most neglected portion of the program. You can play every chord right and sing a great melody but if you have switched up the rhythm, you will be playing a different song!

Now, let's think about our right hand and learn to play and count a very simple 4/4 right hand technique, which I call the "boom chuck", also known as "boom-chick" strumming. This pattern consists of hitting a single bass string with your thumb (boom) and then making a downward strum with the fingertips of your right hand (chuck).

We play bass, strum, bass, strum (or boom, chuck, boom, chuck). We count 1, 2, 3, 4. Feel free to try this with no chords, just focusing on having a quiet hand and getting the feel of where your 6th, 5th and 4th string basses live. The G chord has a 6th string bass, the C chord a 5th string bass, and the D chord a 4th string bass.

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Speed of the Sound of Loneliness (Made Easy)